The Tools You Need To Cook Any & Every Kind Of Egg

Picture this: You’re home late from work, you’re ravenous, and you forgot to buy groceries. A quick scan of your fridge yields the following: 3 eggs, a wilted bunch of greens, hot sauce (we always have this one), and a sad rind of Parmesan cheese. Maybe that would make you despondent, but that makes us very excited, because it means you have a savory, balanced, warm dinner in 10 minutes flat.

How? Eggs. And that’s only one of their myriad of virtues. They can be elegant or rustic; delicate and custardy; sturdy and boiled. Whip them into an aioli or beat the whites into a meringue. Without them, we’d miss out on picnic deviled eggs, Sunday morning frittatas, and spaghetti Carbonara.

Provisions has rounded up some tools to help with the task of cooking them. Here are two of our favorites, plus a little advice on how to use them to your best advantage.

Egg Coddler: We can all use a little extra love and attention. Eggs too! This dish acts like a miniature double boiler, protecting your egg to allow for a firmly set white and a slightly runny yolk. Plate it over a slice of multi-grain toast with sliced avocado and some chili flakes.

Perforated Eggspoon: Neatly poached eggs are a nice trick to have up your sleeve. The deep bowl of this spoon helps by draining out the flyaway whites before cooking, so the end result is a perfect sphere. For a luxurious breakfast, cook some polenta and stir in your favorite cheese. Top it with a handful of kale (the heat of the polenta will wilt it slightly) and a poached egg. As you eat, the runny yolk will gild the greens. What’s better than that?