{one bar cart, three ways}



I know that bar carts are insanely trendy right now and have been for a few years, but I still really love them a fun decor piece and believe they are here to stay- especially since they add a fun glimpse into the owner’s personality based on how they style it!  Target gave me this amazing brass and wood bar cart from their newest Threshold collection.  I thought it might be fun to play around with different ways to use the bar cart beyond its traditional use a cocktail station.

First up- how I would use this cart if we didn’t already have our current bar set up.  I like to keep all of our alcohol bottles visible for cocktail inspiration so I used the entire bottom shelf to display our various options.  On the top shelf I picked out some of our bar accessories including our extensive collection of stirrers/straws, custom coasters leftover from our wedding and these new brass coasters.  I also placed a small sampling of our go-to cocktail books that are normally hidden away in our bar credenza.
top-of-bar-cart bottles-on-bar-cart brass-and-wood-bar-cart-from-target
Next up- using the bar cart in the office as an extension of my desk.  I already have a pretty spacious desk, but I constantly find myself using up every inch of available space on it while I am working on different projects.  Using the bar cart alongside the desk under the inspiration board gives me even more free room on the desktop.  Besides the overflowing inspiration board, I try to keep the surfaces in my office clutter-free, but it’s still helpful to have a few crucial items at my fingertips rather than hidden away.
Last up, I turned the bar cart into an old school dessert cart like the kind you would see trolling around a nice restaurant back in the day.  Wouldn’t this be so fun to surprise dinners guests with at the end of the meal?!?  I used the top for a dessert spread included a raspberry tart, french macarons, a selection of cookies and mini vanilla bean cupcakes.  On the bottom I placed serving utensils and napkins alongside a selection of after-dinner drinks with brandy snifters and whisky tasting glasses.