Check Out Castle Star Seamus Dever’s Wine Collection

It’s funny actually, because I was never really into wine, my wife was. So i protested for the longest time. I was more into beer.” Once you’ve seen his extensive cellar and heard Seamus Dever pronounce “terrior” and “Paulliac” with an exquisite French accent, you’d hardly believe the above statement as true. But the Castle actor, who has also appeared on Mad MenNCIS, and several iterations of CSI insists he’s still learning, even now.

Dever’s deepening relationship wine began on a fateful trip to Paso Robles with his wife not all that long ago. “We went around to the wineries and tasting wine and meeting the winemakers at these smaller wineries,” Dever remembers. “I started to realize that wine has character, and wine is so different from place to place.

The pursuit of wine discovery—not unlike his work as Detective Kevin Ryan on TV—has taken Dever and his wife on adventures both local and abroad, from California to France. “You start to realize that wine takes on the character of the region. It is a little bit of a time machine, but it’s also like travel in a bottle.”