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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

{bathroom rug shopping}

Let's be real for a second....I'm typing this from an air mattress that we have been sleeping on in our empty loft for the past week or so.  Our moving truck was supposed to arrive somewhere between July 1st to the 5th and that clearly did not happen.  It is now slated to arrive this afternoon...thank. god.   In the meantime we have been putting together our rooftop deck which is pretty much done at this point (I'm not going to lie to you, I'm obsessed with it and it just might be the best work we have ever done- I cannot wait to share!).  I have also spent some significant time sitting on said deck researching odds and ends for our place on the internet (shopping on the internet might be one of my top three skills in life.)

Currently one thing I am trying to hunt down is a runner sized rug for our bathroom.  Our Chicago place and previous DTLA loft had reaaaaally tiny bathrooms.  Bathrooms so small that even regular bathroom rugs were a stretch in those spaces.  So while our new place's bathroom isn't that huge, it feels luxuriously large to me in comparison to our past spaces.  Since we aren't planning to get too crazy with this bathroom (such as painting it black/gold), I definitely want to bring in some color or interest with this rug.  I also do not want to get a traditional "bathroom" rug, but instead find a flatweave rug that will be able to hold up in a bathroom.  The space is sized perfectly to house a runner-sized rug so here are some options I'm currently exploring:

1. Rugs USA Savanna Lattice: I love this one a lot and the price is great, but I fear it's 
too similar to all our other lattice style rugs.

2. Crate & Barrel Diamond Harbor: The small pattern of this rug would be perfect for a 
high traffic area, but is it too boring?

3. IKEA Valby Ruta: I'm not sure why I think it would be kind of amazing to have this rug that feels like it belongs in a cigar room or old library, but something about it just seems kind of interesting if it was placed in the bathroom.  

4. Crate & Barrel's Dyna Grey  This one is a pretty solid option - especially the price, but I'm concerned an "outdoor" weave rug will be too rough on bare feet. 

5. Vintage Kilim Style I'm kicking myself for not buying 45 more dugs just like this one while we were in Morocco because they are about 12 times as expensive to buy them here, but I love the bright colors of this kilim rug from Ebay. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

{entryway table options}

Besides fully furnishing our outdoor patio, one of the other areas in our new place that will need some attention is a small entryway directly inside the front door.  This spot is about 4 feet wide and would be perfect for a simple console table table and a few accessories.  Here are three entryway table combinations I'm considering (products links at the bottom of the post!):

At this point I'm leaning towards #1 or #2, both would fit in well with our current design.  #1 is a bit more modern with the acrylic table, but I love the vintage parisian feel that the glam mirror brings in plus we already own that lamp!  Option #2 is a great masculine piece that would break up some of our more feminine furniture and I'm obsessed with the artwork!  Since we haven't officially stepped inside our unit, I will be waiting to make a final decision until I see some our furniture set up with the artwork we already own up on the walls!

1. CB2 Peekaboo Table  |  Vintage Parisian Mirror  |  Target Lamp Base & Shade

3.  Macassar Brass Table  |  The Aestate Kelly Art Print  |  Jayson Home Lamp

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

{dining room lighting inspiration}

Lately I have been spending significant time scouring the internet for a new lighting option for above our dining room table.  We have used my DIY Bubble chandelier above the table for the past 4 years and while I still absolutely love it, it feels like its time for a change (but don't worry it will hopefully find a new home in our entryway!).  I really like the idea of doing a cluster of 3 to 5 pendant lamps grouped over the center of the table - I would especially love this one if I could find a more affordable version or a DIY option.  Here's a few others that have caught my eye as options recently (one or two are purely in the wishlist territory because of the cost, but I'm hoping to find a cheaper alternative):

1.  This Bosonic lightbulb grouping has a similar feel to our bubble chandelier, but with a decidedly more masculine feel to it.

2. I love the thick iron on this prism pendant and the price is approachable so we could potentially do 2 or 3 of these centered along the middle of the table.

3.  This simple sputnik chandelier is a total dream, but it's way out of my price range.  Although I have seen some promising DIY versions that I might be willing to try out. 

4.  Tom Dixon copper pendants in a group of 3 would be a beautiful pop of color paired with our glossy black table and crisp white chairs. 

5. I know this will never really be a viable option because Chris will veto it in less than 2 seconds, but how amazing would an over the top glamorous chandelier look inside an urban loft?!?!

6.  This full sputnik chandelier from Anthropologie would be perfect....if they mark it down by like 90%. 

7.  I like the easy industrial look of these caged pendants from Target and they come in two sizes which could be good for clustering together a big group of them.

8.  Big white globe lights in a grouping have a great mid century modern vibe and pretty much every website I have browsed sells some version of these.  I also particularly like the glass versions from West Elm

Monday, June 9, 2014

{glam style app: summer lovin' edition}

The new June edition of the Glam Style App is available for download on your iPad and this month I contributed an article about easy home decor swaps to get your place ready for summer!  You can check out all the products below and get the details on where to buy them in the app.  Of course I had to include our new Palm Leaf artwork because I'm generally obsessed with it and at $60 per print it is a great inexpensive way to bring some bright summer inspired art into your home!  Browse some previous contributions I have made to the Glam Style app here.

{details for these products in the glam style app!}

Monday, April 21, 2014

{2nd anniversary art}

We will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary next week and in keeping with the tradition we started last year we started searching around for another piece of art to add to our collection.   We chose to go with a large photo print from our wedding day for our first anniversary which you can see see right here.  This year, I came across these amazing palm leaf watercolor prints from The Aestate and thought one of them could be perfect!  The more I tried to decide which of the four variations of the Beverly print series was the best the more it occurred to me that it could be amazing to grab up three of them to create a sort of large triptych piece.  I also briefly entertained the idea of having them print us one extra large one like this, but the custom framing cost behind something that large is atrocious (over $600!!!).  We picked up white frames for these from Ikea and depending where we move to we could always switch them out for the walnut finish frame or even paint them!

Monday, April 14, 2014

{moroccan weddding blanket decisions}

The one thing I was most excited to bring home from our entire time living abroad was a Moroccan wedding blanket or handira from our trip to Marrakech.  I did a good amount of research before heading out into the souks to figure out what I should expect to pay for a nice wedding blanket.   Prices range from $100 to $300 based on how much embellishment the blanket has which is a steal considering back in the US these imported blankets start around $400 and go into the thousands!  I had my heart set on a pretty specific design of variated "stripes" of shag and paillettes which initially was proving to be harder to find than I thought when were first started roaming through the souks.  Eventually we stumbled upon a tiny shop that specialized in handiras and the owner took us back to his gorgeous home/showroom where he had hundreds more rugs and blankets.  I spotted my blanket within the first five blankets he showed us, but since no two wedding blankets are the same we continued to have him show us about thirty more styles just to be sure it was "the one."  

Now that we are back home with my find, I'm struggling with deciding where exactly is the best place for it in our home.  I'm debating between at the bottom of our bed or draped on the back of our larger couch.  I absolutely love how it looks in our bedroom, but I am concerned about having to constantly move it since it is just for decoration.  I also really love how it adds to our living room, but I'm wondering with all the colors and textures going on that room is it maybe a bit too much for that space?  

So what do you think? Bedroom or living room?!?

Monday, April 7, 2014

{urchin salt bowls from barcelona}

I'm a total sucker for both mini containers and also transferring items from the container they came in to a completely new container (i.e. pouring out the Half & Half into one of these rather than keeping it in its original container because it's just not as fancy- ya get me?!?).  Little salt bowls achieve both of these things for me so after passing up a pair of these ceramic urchin salt bowls in Paris, I simply had to have them when they popped up again in a small boutique in Barcelona.  Here's a little round-up of some of the best the internet has to offer in the salt bowl department - pick one up for yourself or as a unique hostess gift for your next social gathering!

4. L'objet Porcelain Swan salt bowl, $125 (similar more budget-friendly versions here)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

{paris flea market find}

Leaving the famous Marche Aux Puces french flea market empty-handed last month didn't discourage me from staying on the hunt for a fabulous flea market find to bring home with us.  A couple weekends ago, my girlfriend invited me to go check out the smaller street flea market in the south of Paris called Puces de Vanves.  This little outdoor flea is much smaller with temporary stalls set up early in the morning.  Most of the stalls here sell small house wares or artwork and the prices were much more in line with what I am used to from trips to the Rose Bowl or Long Beach flea markets back in California.  

I spotted the lighter of these two floral oil paintings sitting in the back of a stall and when I asked the owner if I could get a closer look he pulled out both the light and the more vibrant painting for me as they were to be sold as a pair.  I hesitantly asked for the price and was pleasantly surprised when he told me 42Euro for both!!  Some quick and friendly haggling had me walking away with both of these floral oil paintings for 30Euro total!  A total steal if you ask me since I would probably be willing to spend that much for just the gorgeous gold frames alone.  Each oil painting is about 16" by 20" contained in a thick wood frame and appears to be in great condition.  I cannot wait to get these home to find the perfect place for them to live in our home. 


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

{etsy faves}

After my unsuccessful trip the beautiful Paris flea markets, I consoled myself with a little trip down the black hole of Etsy shopping.  Since I found about 100 things I want to purchase immediately on Etsy, I thought it might be fun to round up some of my faves that are actually affordable (not to mention purchase-able from the US!).  I'll take one of each please...

Thursday, November 14, 2013

{new additions}

It's about that time again for a little round up of some new additions around our place and my closet! Check out previous round ups right here.

 {Target has a whole line of jewelry boxes like this one in a variety of patterns and sizes.  This one is the medium sized one of the bunch and I love that the gold is more subtle against some of the more metallic gold pieces in our home}

 {hard to see in the photo, but another great find from Target (seriously so much good home stuff in stores right now!) this glass bottomed black lattice tray.  We previously used a solid white tray from CB2 in this spot, but I really like how this one allows you to see through to the bottom shelf of our coffee table} 

 {while I would loooove to own a Chanel 2.55, the price tag is just insane to me at this point in life.  This purse is a great alternative that I stumbled upon randomly while shopping on Amazon and the affordable price doesn't make me terrified to bring it out of my home-plus its genuine leather! With Amazon's generous return policy I decided it was worth a shot to check it out and I was extremely surprised at how well made this purse is. }

{I am obsessed with bright pink lipstick and finally treated myself to this YSL one I have had my eye on for some time}

 {a vintage cocktail napkin holder my mom found for me in the estate sale wonderland that it california wine country}

{muji's new bowls from C. Wonder. dogs gotta get fancy too right?!?}

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

{one bar cart, three ways}

I know that bar carts are insanely trendy right now and have been for a few years, but I still really love them a fun decor piece and believe they are here to stay- especially since they add a fun glimpse into the owner's personality based on how they style it!  Target gave me this amazing brass and wood bar cart from their newest Threshold collection.  I thought it might be fun to play around with different ways to use the bar cart beyond its traditional use a cocktail station.

First up- how I would use this cart if we didn't already have our current bar set up.  I like to keep all of our alcohol bottles visible for cocktail inspiration so I used the entire bottom shelf to display our various options.  On the top shelf I picked out some of our bar accessories including our extensive collection of stirrers/straws, custom coasters leftover from our wedding and these new brass coasters.  I also placed a small sampling of our go-to cocktail books that are normally hidden away in our bar credenza.

{our full alcohol line-up excluding bitters}

Next up- using the bar cart in the office as an extension of my desk.  I already have a pretty spacious desk, but I constantly find myself using up every inch of available space on it while I am working on different projects.  Using the bar cart alongside the desk under the inspiration board gives me even more free room on the desktop.  Besides the overflowing inspiration board, I try to keep the surfaces in my office clutter-free, but it's still helpful to have a few crucial items at my fingertips rather than hidden away. 

{stationary boxes from this post, brass tray, acrylic desk accessories, vintage milk glass, magazine files from Ikea}

Last up, I turned the bar cart into an old school dessert cart like the kind you would see trolling around a nice restaurant back in the day.  Wouldn't this be so fun to surprise dinners guests with at the end of the meal?!?  I used the top for a dessert spread included a raspberry tart, french macarons, a selection of cookies and mini vanilla bean cupcakes.  On the bottom I placed serving utensils and napkins alongside a selection of after-dinner drinks with brandy snifters and whisky tasting glasses.

{vintage jadeite cake stands also leftover from our wedding- you can find them on Etsy or here}

I hope this post inspires you to think of new and creative ways to utilize a bar cart in your home.  Are their any really unique ways you have seen people style a bar cart? Please share!

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of  the opinions or positions of Target.

Monday, October 28, 2013

{new office rug + layout}

A few months back I bought these lamps for my office, but they didn't quite fit underneath the shelves in the previous layout.  I loved these lamps so much that rather than return them and find something a few inches shorter, I decided to re-arrange the office to make it work.  You can see the original layout here.  I actually like this layout much better especially since my desk now looks out the window, but the room still didn't feel "finished" yet.

RugsUSA offered to send me any rug of my choice and this completely solved the uncompleted feeling I was experiencing with this room.  It's crazy how much a rug can pull together a room in an instant.  After agonizing over which rug to choose, (see those options in this post) I went with the safe bet on a trellis pattern in creme and deep navy.  This rug is 100% wool so it has a plush feel to it, but it's not too fussy to be inappropriate for the office.  I also figured that if we ever move to another place without a 2nd bedroom then this rug will easily fit it with our decor in other areas of our place (navy has clearly become one of my favorite colors to decorate with after all).

Right now RugsUSA is offering 65% most off their rugs so you can scoop this guy up for less than $200!

{vintage milk glass and frame from Target} 

 {acrylic note cube from The Container Store & Russell + Hazel tape dispenser}