Wednesday, July 11, 2012

{chicago home DIY & decor inspiration}

 {the layout of our new place}

 We signed our lease for a our new place near Northwestern in Chicago (Evanston to be exact) almost 4 months ago- without ever seeing it in person!!!!!  Yep- the first time I will see our new place will be the same day that we move in and also my first time in Chicago.   Going from a loft to a two bedroom apartment is definitely going to be an adjustment for us so we made sure when looking for a place to try to find something that would have both a somewhat open floor plan and could fit all of our furniture!  We choose this place based off of some photos and the layout above which is more than enough information for me to start thinking up different decor and DIY project ideas for our new space.  Here are a few projects that I can't wait to get to work on next month:

{a floating "faux-denza" for our living room to be used as a TV stand- tutorial here & here}

{black walls in the guest bath- I have never done anything this dramatic with paint before &
I'm still undecided on this project, but I mean....look at how sexy it is...}

{still searching for the perfect white desk for our 2nd bedroom- so far the front runner

{transforming Ikea's Malm dresser into chic nightstands using these overlays, but painted in
tonal white- although I do love the look of the gold in the photo}

You can follow my different Pinterest inspiration boards for our new place here: 


  1. Love all of these ideas!! I want to make a faux-denza but I don't have enough confidence in myself for that undertaking!


  2. so exciting! i LOVE all the ideas! paint the bathroom black! the worst that happens is you dont like it than paint it again. and i love all the desks but definetly agree the crate and barrel desk is a front runner.

    ah i have been DYING to move chicago - and we MIGHT still move so i cant wait to see your new life there! :)

  3. This is so so exciting! We had a month between finding our place in Brooklyn and moving in, and I think I re-decorated the place in my mind 4 times I over. I was actually totally obsessed with and pretty much had all the furniture picked and every room laid out before we even moved in.
    Can't wait to see how it all comes along.

  4. those walls! please please do that. i wish ryan would let me! :) can't wait to see it all.

  5. try world market for a very similar desk to the top left! i have it in a natural wood color and love it.

  6. I was just about to post about World Market! I lived in Chicago for the past 2 years and bought most of my furniture from there. Sale items on the website can be a great steal. Nothing will ever compare to World Market now that I've moved out of Chicago. Enjoy your time there, it's a beautiful city!

  7. This is a nice plan, my place is so similar to this too. Anyway you have designed that desk in an awesome way. It has added a rich look.