Wednesday, May 9, 2012

{bridal party gifts}

Giving gifts generally stresses me out which is why I tend to lean towards something home-made because otherwise I find myself for hours in the mall trying to find that absolutely perfect item for the person.   Bridal party gifts definitely take the cake as one of the most difficult gifts to give.  These are your closest friends and you want to thank them properly for all their hardwork and time they are giving to you to celebrate your wedding.  On top of that, you generally want to give everyone the same thing which complicates everything further since usually a group of 6 girls or guys dont always have the same interests or style.

For the girls, I decided to go the safe route and purchase everyone matching robes (including myself) from Plum Pretty Sugar.  I also added in small "love" necklace from one of the jewelry stores in downtown LA.  Although those two things felt like enough, I wanted to include something personalized for each girl.  My friend Carol created a fashion illustration of each girl based on stalking their facebook pages and taking some cues form me about each of theirs interests.  I was so happy with how these turned out!  If you want to order a set of custom illustrations for yourself, you can contact Carol Chavana directly through her online store here.







The groomsmen also proved to be difficult to decide on the perfect gift.  After debating on tie cases, flasks and the like, we ended up with a classic Timex watch, a striped bowtie from The Tie Bar and socks for their wedding day outfits.

I debated whether or not this post would be interesting/appropriate on the blog, but I felt since we spent so much time trying to decide on the perfect gifts that hopefully it would save someone else's time by sharing what we ultimately decided to give.


  1. Cute items! I love all of them! I definitely think they're interesting/appropriate for the blog. You should be able to post whatever you'd like! After all, it is your blog! :)

  2. I love this post! Such sweet ideas!! Xxx