Friday, February 3, 2012

{super bowl mini 7 layer dips}

I really love the Super Bowl even though I don't watch any football otherwise.  The Super Bowl centers around great food, friends, funny commercials and a little gambling- so really what's not to like!?! Plus I work for a company that licenses and manufacturers vintage NFL product so I always have the ability to dress up and root for whichever team I want (usually its the Vikings or the Dolphins because they have the most fun team colors).

I spotted these great Super Bowl printables on Pinterest and I knew I had to find something to use them for.  Although decorative flags like this are normally used on cupcakes, I didn't really feel that cupcakes are appropriate game day food.  So instead I went the savory route and created this individual 7 Layer dip by following this recipe.  I have professed my love for regular food in mini form many times in the past so I wont go into that now, but if you wanna relive some of the past magic you can do so here, here & here

These individual layer dips are a great party dish since your guests can grab a dip along with a handful of chips and park themselves on the couch until half time. I recommend that you use a wider/shallower cup than the one I used and also make the layers a bit thinner for ease of dipping and getting all layers on a single chip.  You can download and print the flags by clicking here, then simply attach them to bamboo skewers or toothpicks with a dab of hot glue. 

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  1. The little flags are adorable! And we're totally on the same page - I am making taco dip also, and a majority of the ingredients are from TJs. Mine's a 1 dish hot dip with cream cheese, chili and shredded cheese all nice and melty, but I am kind of dying over your little individual cups right now. Adorable!