Friday, February 3, 2012

{friday cocktail: kumquat whiskey sour}

I have literally never purchased a kumquat or used one in cooking and baking.  I don't even think I have ever ordered a cocktail with kumquat in it either.  So when Chris found this recipe for a kumquat whiskey sour, I figured this was my chance to try out a new citrus!  This cocktail does take a little extra preparation since you need to blend the sour mix, but the end result has a lot of citrus flavor to it and is perfect for anyone who isnt a big whiskey drinker (as well as those that are!)



  1. What is your favorite bourbon? I bought my hubby a bottle of Hudson for XMas and we went through it too quickly to keep buying a bottle at that price over and over. But it was SO delicious! Wondered what you would recommend. :) Happy weekend!

    1. Hi Sharon!

      For bourbon we usually like to use Buffalo Trace - which you can buy at Bevmo in a handle size for about $39. Another price friendly option is Elijah Craig 12 Year.

      For Rye Whiskey- I would say hands down- Rittenhouse 100. It is really hard to find because its soooo good and people tend to hoard it. It runs about $20 for a fifth. You would definitely be able to find it at Hi-Times in Newport Beach.


  2. This sounds amazing.