Tuesday, October 4, 2011

{halloween decorating}

Since it is now officially October (umm wasn't it just July?!?!), I begged Chris to get our box of Halloween decorations down as soon as possible.  This past Saturday started out really gloomy in Los Angeles, which is basically the perfect weather for fall decorating.  This is our first Halloween in this loft so I am still trying to figure out what a good balance of decorations is.  Here are some of the festive items I was able to find a spot for:

One spot I can't seem to decide on is our dining room  table...

Which do you like better?


  1. With! If Muji won't eat them? I usually put my assortment of mini pumpkins in a big glass bowl as a centerpiece during fall. I love the skeleton head on the cake stand! I LOL'd.

  2. wow ladies! so far its a unanimous WITH PUMPKINS! unfortunately I have to convince Chris as well! :)

    <3 Natalie

  3. How have I never been to your blog before? I love it!!

    And those engagement invites you sent, OMG they are amazing- LOVE them!