Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{puff pastry triangle pies}

Are you intrigued by the title of this post?  Me too. Allow me to explain....

Last week we got invited to an Italian themed dinner party at our friend's house.  I offered to bring an appetizer and immediately started searching around on pinterest for some inspiration.  I landed on this photo of "Rocket Sweet Potato and Feta."  I am not going to lie to you; I thought the reason rocket was in the title is because the person who posted about them thought they were shaped like rockets.  Actually, the reason for that name is because this blogger lives in the UK and rocket is referring to arugula.  Long story short, I love using puff pastry and I decided to make these up for the dinner party.

I like to keep things interesting so I conveniently forgot to pick up the feta cheese for these while at the store and didn't realize until I was setting out all the ingredients to make them.  So I have substituted mine with goat cheese and I highly recommend you do the same.  I also think these would be better if you cut the puff pastry squares a bit smaller.  Other than that, these are little triangle pies of delicious puff pastry and cheesy goodness with just enough sweet potato to make me wish it was November already.  You can find the recipe I referenced here.

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