Thursday, September 15, 2011

{faux polaroid placecards}

This Saturday we are hosting a large dinner party at our place.  I don't normally make placecards when we have people over for dinner, but with this many people it is kind of necessary.  Rather than do a boring old name written on folded piece of paper, I decided to do a photo of each person placed on to white cardstock to look like a mini polaroid.  We made these placecards for dinner party a year ago and people loved them-especially by the end of night when all of the cards end up in the middle of the table and people are telling stories about where the photos are from.

To get the dimensions right I cut the cardstock into 6" by 2.5" rectangles and then folded it in half. The photos are then cut in 2" squares and placed on the folded cardstock using spray adhesive.  Place the photos about 3/4" up from the bottom of the cardstock and you will achieve that Polaroid look.


  1. GAWD! How does this have 0 comments. I'll comment 20 times for this one because this is really clever!!! I just stumbled upon you while I was screwing around on Instagram and thank goodness! I made a post today solely about you. I'm not sure I've devoted an entire post about a blogger before. But you're pretty special!!!

  2. I know I'm a few years late to discovering this post, but the images of your dinner party capture the exact look my girlfriend and I were trying to land on for her 40th bday dinner. Do you have more party details in another post?

  3. Hi Ana,

    You can see part one here:

    And part two here:

    Hope that helps! I would love to see photos from the party you put together!!! :)

    natalie x.