Friday, September 2, 2011

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Rather than bring you a cocktail recipe this Friday, I thought I would show you where I go to get cocktail inspiration whether it is for a recipe for a party, a simple weekend night in or for the Friday posts on here.  Here are some of my favorite cocktail blogs:

Fashionably Bombed is written by two fashion and cocktail obsessed sisters in New York City.  The recipes can be a bit over the top sometimes, but are always inspiring, especially the super girly ones like the Cupcake Champagne Cocktail.


Eat Make Read is another blogger located in New York, who is a graphic designer that blogs about food, diy projects and does a weekly cocktail recipe on Friday just likes yours truly.  I rarely am not interested in making the weekly recipe she has come up with, most are simple twists on classics like the Pluot Fizz.

I have blogged about 12 Bottle Bar before, but it truly is a source of inspiration as well as information.  Every cocktail recipe on this site is joined by extensive background or research, plus they has a great navigation bar on the side of their site which lets you search by spirit type.


Mrs. Lillien's blog mostly centers around her prop styling, but she is releasing a cocktail book in the near future and has been blogging some of the classic recipes in the fun styled out form above.


{all images via the respective blog mentioned}

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