Tuesday, January 13, 2015

{our new years cards}

Ever since we have been married, I started sending out holiday cards (see 2012 here and 2013 here).  It wasn't so much prompted by the fact that we were married, but more so because the first holiday season after we got married was shortly after we moved to Chicago and I conveniently had nice high resolution wedding photos to use.  This year December was insanely busy for us and while I could have still made it time to get out holiday cards to our friends and family before Christmas Eve, I just wasn't that excited by the idea of rushing it.  Plus, I love celebrating the New Years Eve and the fresh start of a brand new year so sending out Happy New Year cards just sounded like a lot more "us."

I usually like to design the invites myself and have them printed locally at my fave printer in DTLA, but as I stated previously time was not my biggest asset this holiday season so I looked to Paperless Post's real paper options since I am obsessed with pretty much every single one of their digital invites.  Obviously I filtered it to only show me the options that came with gold foil...because when gold foil is on the table that's the only option there is. Period.  I toyed around with a few options for photos and since Muji refused to cooperate this year he got cut. (sorry muji!) I loved the way the black and white photo really made the gold foil pop even more so even though my dress was a banging holiday red I choose to lose the style points in favor of artistic points with the crisp B&W filter.

I've always loved those little details that make paper goods special whether it's a kick-ass liner (ahem Palm Leaves #humblebrag) or small enclosure cards like this one from the beer tasting invites I designed (I'm clearly in the mood to be patting myself on the back right now eh?).  In spirit of adding a little something extra to the cards (and also because I had a sweet coupon code!) we decided to add in a little 3" by 5" envelope with a cocktail recipe to ring in the new year!  I went with the extra thick paper on the recipe card and it was truly worth every penny so if you ever end up ordering anything through Paperless Post then...treat yo self!

I think I've discussed our holiday cards in way more detail than is truly necessary so I'll stop here and let ya check em out below including some awesome outtakes that landed on the virtual cutting room floor.

Happy New Year!

{this little envelope just kills me. in a good way.}

 {2015...the year of drinking}

and now...the outtakes...

 {strategically placed gold foil to preserve muji's dignitiy}

 {loved this one so much and was like 2 seconds from ordering it but it was a bit too candid}

{maybe next year muji will decide to be a part of this family}

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

{travel: 24 hours in temecula}

Last month two of my fave bloggers, Lauren of A Fabulous Fete & Sharon of Cupcakes & Cutlery, invited me to join them on a sleepover getaway to Temecula along with 5 other bloggers.  Um yes please- where do I sign up?!?  Temecula is a lot like Palm Springs since it's barely a two hour drive away from Los Angeles, but it feels like a whole different world (plus there are wineries there so you know... it's similar to heaven).  Here's the perfect little itinerary based on our fabulous 24 hours there (plus a few more fun shots from our trip at the bottom of the post!):

Stay at THE COACH HOUSE: We met up in Temecula early Saturday morning at our accommodations for the night, The Coach House at Lorimar Winery, which was an adorable house behind Lorimar's Winery.  You can rent it out through Lorimar Winery and it very comfortably slept all eight of us ladies- plus this mirror lives there.

Wine Taste at LORIMAR WINERY:  You are in Temecula to relax and to taste wine so get started on the wine drinking at Lorimar Winery.

Eat lunch at LEONESS CELLARS:  Leoness Cellars is a another beautiful winery down the road.  You can head here next for a fabulous lunch overlooking the vineyards (do not miss out on their famous fries!).  Then after lunch you can go for round 2 of wine-tasting in their tasting room.

More Wine Tasting at WEINS WINERY:  In my opinion three wineries is the perfect amount of a day of leisurely wine tasting so end your day with a tasting at Weins Winery then head home for a quick disco nap and freshen up for a dinner out!

Grab Dinner At BLACKBIRD:  During our trip we had a fabulous private dinner catered for us inside Lorimar Winery, but thats probably not a feasible option everytime you head out for a quick weekend get-a-away so make reservations for dinner at Blackbird in downtown Temecula.

Grab Brunch at EAT Marketplace:  Brunch.  You guys.  If you don't have brunch (or some other similarly decadent room service breakfast with champagne) while on vacation then you are doing it wrong.  EAT Marketplace is first of all totally adorable, but second of all they have a huge line up of fresh smoothies AND mimosas.  Get a green juice and a grapefruit mimosa and feel good about your choices in life.  The food is also insanely good, all sourced locally and organic - bonus points!!

Go Shopping at DOWNTOWN TEMECULA;  After overeating enjoying brunch, go a for a walk to nearby downtown Temecula and do a little shopping.  We stopped in this fabulous spice store where I picked up some sriracha salt (for margarita rims of course), this old school candy shop, and this quaint little lavender shop.  My favorite place that we popped into (and you simply cannot miss this one) was the Temecula Olive Oil company.  You can do an olive oil tasting of all of their different oils and vinegars and then take home your favorites!

Here's a few snaps from our trip:

 {image via Lauren}

{image via Sharon}

{image via Sharon}

  {image via Lauren}

 {image via Sharon}

{dress from here image via Lauren}

 {image via Sharon}

{image via Sharon}

Friday, November 7, 2014

{friday cocktail: celine fizz}

Well I'm back this Friday with another cocktail from my new favorite cocktail book (I'm assuming you now own this book too since you ordered it immediately after reading last week's cocktail post).   Once again social commitments (Halloween, #sinistersupper, general avoidance of responsibilities) has prevented me from traveling out to get obscure cocktail ingredients so I tried to find another recipe in the book where we had all the ingredients on hand.  The Celine Fizz cocktail reaaaaaally surprised me- it is decadent from the egg white foam, but still tart and delicious from the lemon and St. Germain.  You'll wanna make this cocktail for the chicks in your life who want something a bit sweet, something that includes the ultimate lady ingredient of St. Germain Liqueur and something that is "not too strong" (even though this cocktail is just as strong as most).